The Faculty of Sport Sciences – University of Poitiers University offers a comprehensive curriculum in the field of science and technology of physical activities and sport (STAPS). It has 70 teaching/reserach and 30 administrative staff.

The initial training offer Bachelor, Master and Doctorate covers the fields of adapted physical activities, education and sports management. These degrees are supplemented by continuous training of professional license type or college graduation, that extend the areas listed above that of sports training.

Each such as preparing for careers in public service (professor of physical education, school teacher, sports teacher, territorial adviser, territorial educator, teacher - researcher at the University) at the trades merchants and voluntary sectors (coach, physical trainer, teaching adapted physical activities, setting in a sports federation, director of recreation center, an executive in the sector of distribution of sporting goods).

The Sport Management Department (SMD) has 10 full time staff and prepares students and professional to work in the diverse sport industry, related service organisations, and academic institutions. It offers a master's degree in Sport Management (M.S.), a Bachelor’s degree in Sports and Leisure Management and a vocational degree in golf management focusing on the business side of golf course management.

At an international level the SMD is one of the Executive Masters in Sport Organisations Management (MEMOS) partners which include Université de Lausanne (Institut des Hautes Etudes en administration Publique - IDHEAP - et institut des Sciences du Sport - ISSUL), Lausanne, Switzerland, Institut Nacional d’Educació Física de Catalunya - Universitat de Lleida, Spain; Institut National du Sport, de l’Expertise et de la Performance, Paris, France; Loughborrough University (Center for Olympic Studies & Research), United Kingdom ; the University of Stirling, United Kingdom ; Troy University (School of Hospitality, Sport, and Tourism Management), Troy, USA ; Scuola dello Sport dello Comitato Olimpico Nazionale Italiano, Rome, Italy ; Université Catholique de Louvain, Faculté des Sciences de la Motricité, Belgium ; University of

Technology Sydney, NSW, Australia ; George Washington University, Washington D.C, USA.

MEMOS is supported by the International Olympic Committee and the Olympic Solidarity. Many participants are former athletes and Olympians. This programme provides them with competences that are decisive for an efficient management of the various Olympic organisations.

Prof. Alain Ferrand has a 20 years experience in MEMOS. He serves as director of the MEMOS conducted in French and as responsible person for the marketing management module in the MEMOS conducted in English. He tutored more than 60 projectsrelated to National Olympic Committee, International Federations, Local Organising Committee of the Olympic Games on the 5 continents. 

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