The University of Foggia was founded by decree of the Ministry of University and Research on 5th August 1999. Since then, the University of Foggia has proved to be dynamic and innovative in terms of didactics and research. One of its top priorities is the internationalization of academic relationships and of research. The five main Departments (Agriculture, Economics, Law, Arts and Philosophy, Medicine and Surgery, Education) have contributed to make the University of Foggia a lively cultural centre which attracts foreign students every year. The scientific community of the University of Foggia is composed of about 173 researchers, 103 associate professors and 95 ordinary professors. The administrative personnel amounts to 376, while there are more than 11,000 students.

Since 2001 the Division for International Relations of the University of Foggia has been engaged in promoting and fostering its academic collaborations with Universities and enterprises at local, national and international level. Several agreements have been signed with European and Third-Country Universities and Organizations in order to provide the University of Foggia students and graduates with an opportunity to spend time periods abroad on study and/or training purpose.

At the University of Foggia research plays a strategic role. The University of Foggia has tied close relationships with local and regional enterprises and there is a mutual cooperation in producing research projects.

The University of Foggia policy in matter of sport activities is striving to coniugate the university career of a student with his/her sport career.

The Faculty of Sport Science is one of the most relevant at the University of Foggia and a recent survey has highlighted that the number oft he University of Foggia athlete-students representing Italy in one of the olympic sports is 25.

The University of Foggia has been the first in Italy to become a member of the EAS (European Athlete Student) Network.

For next academic year, the University of Foggia will officially offer its athlete-students scholarships, the opportunity to take exams in dates different from the official ones, and to get extra points upon discussion of their final thesis. Also, athlete-students will be followed by a tutor who will support them in having contacts with their local teachers, and in settling all concerns they may arise in combining their dual career. Such an educational course, which has been carefully tailor-made for athlete-students, results to be the first one in Italy.

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